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Welcome to Chengdu!
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Chengdu city characteristic

>>The handcraft is plaited with bamboos and taken porcelain as birth
The bamboo plaiting handicrafts which are produced in Chengdu also are called Zhusikouchi. It is a kind of handcraft with special features in the bamboo plaiting handicrafts. It is the bamboo plait handicraft product in a kind of have the special features only of species. It takes the china container as the birth, uses slender such as hair of bamboo silk, soft such as the bamboo, depend on birth weave and become.
The handicrafts of porcelain birth bamboo weave the weave technical skill of the product have high request, the difficulty is big. From rise the bottom, turn over the bottom, turn over the crest and lock all ocular work prefaces, all request to don't appear the bamboo silk to deal with contact, don't appear to wring the silk and fold the silk etc. the technique mistake, keep always well-balanced through the latitude silk comparison, give person with the feeling that complete in one breath. The porcelain birth bamboo plait designs the aspect in the pattern, having already followed the customs the simple lace of call" in the city wall" to develop several patterns that complications much change and lift to spend the natural patterns, such as pattern, the flower pattern and the landscape flowers and birds...etc. In weaving the technical skill, in addition to keeping the traditional close plait, the bamboo weaves the entertainer to pass by to cut and polish again and again, created again especially thin plait, plait, the combines the plait, a heart to rise the flower. The arc-shaped lock flower, and flower, space flower, chain flower, wave flower, do not spend, wear the flower, appliqu¨¦s and leak to spend etc. ten various new craft. The porcelain birth bamboo plait handicraft product, in addition to traditional vase, coffee in addition to have, tea vessel, bowl wait product, still have the jewel box, stationery, container for pens, the bamboo platen...etc.

>>The bean petal of Pi County
The bean petal is one of the main auxiliary materials of boiling the orthodox Sichuan cuisine, so the residents in city and country of Sichuan all have the habit of the self-control bean petal, the bean petal workshop, the bean petal factory are looked everywhere. But the bean petal with the most negative great reputation in Sichuan has only two brands: The first brand is the bean petal of Pi County, the other one is the bean petal of Linjiang Temple in Ziyang. The production of the bean petal of Pi County already has the history of more than 100 years, its special features are: The flavor is hot, crispy, the color is red, in order to fry the dishes, dividing the outside to lift the color to increase the joss-stick, it is called the soul of the cuisine of Sichuan.

>>Lacquer ware
Sichuan is rich in producing the Sheng Lacquer and Zhudan which are the main raw material that produces the lacquer ware, so Sichuan is one of the main places of the Chinese lacquer ware. The lacquer ware that becomes to all produce contain wood birth, linen take off several species, such as paper birth and the plastics birth ...etc., its shape beauty is generous, craft choiceness, paint to face transparent such as water, shining such as mirror. The lacquer ware of Chengdu still has the dark flower, light flower, description etc. new craft, make the lacquer ware product more abundant colorful. " The carving fill colourful" is the main craft special feature of lacquer ware of Chengdu, the entertainers use the knife, which like a pen, carving various wood grain on the bottom of birth, filling to paint with the color, beating to whet to throw the light but become again and again.

>>The silk rug of Qingcheng
It is to use the silk as raw materials, the handicraft product that process the craft and handle the work spinning but become according to the tradition. The surface of rug is clean, dye firm, the quality is pliant and tough, full of flexibility. The silk rug of Qingcheng is a high-quality outside product, also can be the tour trophy to collect.

It is the famous wine in China. There is the praise of" beautiful wine like poem,". During the reign of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, the entertainer of making wine accorded to the conditions such as weather, fluid matter, raw material and the age of cellar etc. to create a set of methodes specially, make the Quanxingdaqu with the special character. The wine factory of Chengdu was established with the foundation of the Quanxinglaohao in 1951. It produced to transfer the factory to turn the big production from the workshop type.
Quanxingdaqu takes sorghum, wheat as the raw material, assisting Zhongwendaqu which is made of wheat turn for the sugar, the adoption" original a bad method of the cellar layering" produces the craft, through distil strictly and hang up to exchange with meticulous care, separately the periodical saves to wait the step science to brew but become. Quanxingdaqu with the special taste of" the cellar joss-stick is heavy, the adjusts harmoniously, sweet and sweet, fall a people clean and it was praised to be Yanling Wine.

>>The brocade in Sichuan
It is a kind of silk goods that has the history of more than 2,000 years; it is called the four famous brocades with the Yun brocade in Nanjing, the Song brocade in Shuzhou and the Zhuang brocade in Guangxi. The fasten brocade in Sichuan are true silk goods, the quality is soft, the color is gorgeous, the species is diverse and firm enduring.
The brocade in Sichuan has developed for more than 2,000 years, the kind of brocade already have several hundred kinds. Some minority women in southwest region use the waist, headdress...etc. which uses the lines of the brocade in Sichuan. With the rise of the modern spinning industry, the production of the brocade in Sichuan atrophies gradually. There is only one brocade factory in Sichuan.

>>The embroider in Sichuan
It is a kind of traditional handicraft article in Sichuan. It is called the four famous embroiders with the Su embroider in Shuzhou of Jiangsu, the Xiang embroider in Changsha of Hunan and the Yue embroider in Guangdong. The embroider in Sichuan have the itself special method of using needle and the embroidery technical skills, having the stronger performance dint and the art result. The people generalize the art style that the embroider of Sichuan as" careful delicate needle method, elegantly simple beautiful and slender color, beautiful flowing freely of lines, the style that the Chinese water painting". The species of embroider in Sichuan are abundant and colorful, over-emphasize in the practical worth daily necessity, over-emphasize to enjoy the article in the art result. There are the bedcover, pillowcase and embroider to spend up to 100 assortment species of the slippers and others adornment thing.

>>The silver silk handicraft products
Chengdu is one of the tradition producing areas of silver silk handicraft products in our country. According to the jade volume, pieces of ornament, the gold and silver containers which come from the grave og Wng Jian who was the emperor of Qianshu, we can see the silks of silver handicraft products had already had the very high craft level at that time.
The silver silk handicraft products take silver as the original material, make use of the filament and ordering the skill method, according to the request of design, the cross application fills the silk, tired silk, silk, wears the silk and rubs the silk etc. craft, and a little bit last in the slice of silver, line, face to float the pattern to combine. The silk of silver is slender only and the half of the person's hair, the most thick also not over 3 millimeters.

>>The shopping with special features in Chengdu:

The names of shopping places

The address of shopping places

Conduct the merchandise

The handicraft product market of Sichuan Province

Inside the exhibition building of province

Lacquer ware, bamboo ware, silk product

The factory of travel handicraft products in Cheng

Wanhua South Road

Various of handicraft products with special features

The craft factory of Chitaizhubian of Chengdu

No.12 in the first sect of Jiefang North Road in Chengdu

The porcelain birth bamboo plaiting handicraft products, the bamboo plaiting handicraft products

The factory of the gold and silver products in Chengdu

No.2 of Chaotang Road in Chengdu

Each kind of gold and silver handicraft products

The lacquer ware craft factory in Chengd

The sixth group in Huazhao Village of Chengdu City

Lacquer ware handicraft products

The factory of the brocade in Sichuan in Chengdu City

Chaotang East Road

The brocades in Sichuan and the embroiders in Sichuan handicraft products

The article factory of Yiyuan of Sichuan Province

No.114 in Shanxi Street in Chengdu City

The brocades in Sichuan and the embroiders in Sichuan handicraft products

The embroiders house of Huanghan in Chengdu

No.15 in Bamboo Grove Lane in Chengdu

The brocades in Sichuan and the embroiders in Sichuan handicraft products

The big pharmacy of Tongrentang

The corner of Red Star Road

Each kind of Chinese herbal medicine material and patent medicine, medium patent medicine, Chinese herbal medicine formulation

The big pharmacy of Derentang

Chunxi Road

Each kind of Chinese herbal medicine material and patent medicine, medium patent medicine, Chinese herbal medicine formulation

The big pharmacy of Tongshantang

the opposite of the Wuhou Temple

Each kind of Chinese herbal medicine material and patent medicine, medium patent medicine, Chinese herbal medicine formulation

The big pharmacy of Jiuding

No.92 in east third sect of the Yihuan Road

Each kind of Chinese herbal medicine material and patent medicine, medium patent medicine, Chinese herbal medicine formulation

The big pharmacy of Yirentang

The east side in south sect of Chunxi Road

Each kind of Chinese herbal medicine material and patent medicine, medium patent medicine, Chinese herbal medicine formulation

The Red Flag Market

Zhongfu Street

Local special products, famous wines, famous tea, marine products, mountain goods

The People Market

South side of People East Road

The general merchandise, Chinese herbal medicine, food, shoes


No.8 in Dakejia Lane

The general merchandise, clothings, food, snacks


No.100 in North Street

The general merchandise, clothing, food


No.1 in Babao Street

The general merchandise, clothing, food

The general merchandise building in Chengdu

The west corner of Dongyu Street

Food, knit fabric general merchandise, clothing, hardware products

The business building of Hualian

No.55 in Jianshe Road

Comprehensive general merchandise

Wangfujiang general merchandise in Chengdu

Zhongfu Street

The general merchandise, clothing, home appliances, cosmetics

The Pacific Ocean general merchandise

East side in north sect of Chunxi Road

The general merchandise, home appliances, cosmetics

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