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Welcome to Chengdu!
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The traffic of Chengdu City

External traffic

The double flows international airport of Chengdu is the fourth biggest international aviation harbor in China. There are the services to fly to more than 60 big, medium cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Zhangjiajie, Xian, Lanzhou, Wulumuqi, Lasha, Changdu, Xiamen, Guilin, Kunming, Haikou and so on. There are the flight path to nations and region such as Hong Kong, Bangkok etc. The flight path inside the province: Chengdu----Dazhou, Chengdu----Xichuang
The double flows international airport of Chengdu is 20 kilometers away from the center of the city. The price of the bus in the airport is from 8 Yuan to 10 Yuan. There is one every 15 minutes. They wait at the People Air Building. You need spend about 35 minutes to get the front of the People Air Building in the People South Road by bus. The bus does not stop but you can get off at the parachute tower of the No.1 Road where you can take the 34th bus to the West Door Bus Station or the North Train Station. You will spend about 40 Yuan by taxi from the double flows international airport to the West Door Bus Station or the North Train Station. If you go from the airport to the New South Door Bus Station, you can take the bus in the airport to get off at the Minshan Hotel, and then go along the Minshan Road. If you take the taxi, you will spend about 5 Yuan. You can arrive at the Wuguiqiao Bus Station by the 303 bus.

It is the biggest railroad vital point in southwest region. You can go directly to more than to 10 big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian, Lanzhou, Kunming, Wulumuqi, Chongqing etc. There are the especially quick railroad train to the Sudao View District, the Chuannan View District and the Panxi View District in the province.

The train ticket purchases point of Chengdu City:
The booking hall inside the train station in Dongyu Street
The unite traffic head office of Chengdu City: The No.91 in the north of the two wreath roads of Chengdu City
The conveyance business of station in Chengdu: The No.6 of the People North Road in Chengdu City
The Sichuan University: The No.24 in the south of the wreath road in the Chengdu City
The collective economy office of the provincial government: The No.31 of the People South Road of Chengdu City

It is the biggest highway vital point in southwest region. There are 6 National Freeways to cross here. They are the 108 National Freeway which is Chuanshan Highway and Chuanshen Highway, the 213 National Freeway which is Chuangan Highway and Chengkun Highway, the 317 National Freeway which is the north line of the Chuanzhang Highway, the 318 National Freeway which is the Chuanhan Highway and the Chuanzhang Highway, the 319 National Freeway which is the Chengyu Highway and the 321 National Freeway which is the Chuanyin Highway. The each long distance bus station has the go and back tour regular buses to many tour view areas such as Huanglong of Jiuzaigou, Daocheng, Emei Mountain, Le Mountain, Kangding, Doujiangyan, Ziyang, Neijiang River, Zigong, Yibin, Deyang, Mianyang, Yaan and so on.

Transportation of the city

Taxi: The start price is 5 Yuan, 1.4 Yuan every kilometer.

Bus: The price of bus inside the city is 1 Yuan, the price of air condition buses is 2 Yuan.

Three-wheeled cart: It is also called the Paerduo again; the start price is 2 Yuan.

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