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Welcome to Chengdu!
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Chengdu peripheral travels

The east line

Chengdu--Three Saint country--Longquan

Jinghuayuan: It is in Three Saint country and covers 60 mu, gather the strange stones, carving roots, natural views as the integral whole, there are all kinds of amusement item and facilities. They provide the free villa amusement if you take 400 Yuan every desk, the automobiles will pick and send you free if you are more than 20.
The walking line: If you take No.218 at Jiuyan Bridge, you should take off at the crossing of the Huayuan Road. If you take No.223 at Wugui Bridge, you should take off at Sancha Road near Red River. If you take No.336 at the crossing of the Chengren Road, you should take off at Jinghuayuan which is stop of the town government of Honghe.

The Sidier Manor: It is the planting protection area, the sanctuary natural woods, the trial area of no harmful effects fruit and vegetables of Chengdu City. Because the rate planting overlay to attain 97.89%, it is called the ecosystem manor with natural oxygen by the guests.
Address: It is near the Old Chengty Road which was broadened lately at east side of Sanhuan Road in Honghe Town in Longquanyi Area in Chengdu.

Red Sand Village: It covers 1000 mu. There are millions flowers and dozens of farmhouses with special features of the old Chengdu¡¯s people in the village. They make a gorgeous painting which display persons and nature get along with.
Address: Red Sand Village in Three Saint country in Jinjiang District

The Flower and fruit Resort:
It locates in Red Sand Village in Three Saint country in Jinjiang District. There are small bridge, flowing water, long gallery, knoll, spacious lake surface, the large children amusement area, it is a good place for leisure, fish, sample tea's flavor. The special coin tea contains the special effect of treating losing sleep and the constipation.
The walking line: Get on the No.332, 343, 88 at the Teachers¡¯ University of Sichuan and get off at the Huabohui, follow the Red Sand Road to go for 800 meters then you will arrive at it.

The Xieyun Resort: It is the place of the mother tree of the Big Five-star loquat which is the best loquat in China. You can taste loquat with the fresh and beautiful flavor.
Address: The sixth group in Meiman Village of Shanquan Town in Longquanyi Area

The south line


The Luolinhua Village: Birds' twitter and fragrance of flower, the old forest and the old grass shed constituted the general state of poem, the ecosystem bamboo grove tea garden and wild flowers make the person free of mind and happy of heart.
Address: In the south line of Chengdu City, you can take the No.501 or No.502 and get off the south lawn.

The Grandmother's House: Open-air water bar, recreational teahouse, three fragrant chickens, the fuel simmer rice, carefree of pleasant breeze, the delicacies floats fragrant in the Grandmother's House, and the typical model courtyard of the west of Sichuan reappears the old day time.
Address: It is away 7 kilometers in the line of the south flyover in Chengdu City

The Moonlight Lake: The Moonlight Lake just like the natural oxygen in the ecosystem garden, have the atmosphere of the flowing water and leisure. The roasting the whole sheep fire evening party is again one special features.
Address: It is 20 kilometers far away from the center of Chengdu City, in the middle sect of the gold tour line of Huanglong River of Gongxing Town in Chengdu City.

The west line


The Cuckoo Garden: It is a spending a holiday village which gathers the dining, accommodation, leisure, the bath foot health care...etc. as integral whole. It covers 35 mu. It is called the Cuckoo Garden because there are many azaleas.
The walking line: No.7 of the south sect in Double-star Road in Jitou Town in Wuhou Area in Chengdu City. You can take the No.53, No.83, No.90 and No.520 to go directly there.

The Wanchun Park: It is a recreational park with main dining, amusement, meeting, and guest room. The four seasons there like spring; it has the building style of the park type of Suzhou.
Address: Wanchun Town in Wenjang Area of Chengdu

The Green Park: It locates near the Jiangan River in Wenjang Area. The environment is secluded, the scenery is beautiful.
Address: Qingyou Village in Tashui Town in Wenjang Area

Xiangnanyuan: Xiangnanyuan: All the year round the fresh flowers often opens, which always let visitors be place oneself in the natural oxygen. The vegetables are known for Xujiatuji.
Address: Near the Gongjin Road in Guanghua Street in Huatu New Area in Yongqyan Town Wenjang Area

The north line


The Nibatuo Scenic Area: Three sides wreath water, there are fishing, wild meal, dining, amusement, accommodation, children's playground; the style of antique building has a unique style.
Address: It is near the Pi River which is 16 kilometers away from the north of Chengdu City and is 3.5 kilometers away from the south of Xindu City.

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