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Welcome to Chengdu!
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The general situation of Chengdu

Chengdu which is between 1025410453E, 300531 26N locates in the center of the Chuanxi Plain. Chengdu belongs to the subtropics monsoon climate. There is early in spring, hot in summer, cool in autumn and warm in winter. The average temperature of year is 16 C, the precipitation of year is about s1000 mm. The climate characteristics of Chengdu are cloudy, fogs, the sunshine time is short. The civil byword which is Shuquanxiaori is the description of the characteristics. Anther climate characteristic of Chengdu is wet air. So the air temperature is not high but it is sultry in summer. The air temperature is equally all above 5 C in winter. It is very cloudy and cold because the cloudy day is many and the air is wet. The whole city is 192 kilometers long from east to west, 166 kilometers of breadth from north to south, the total area is 12,390 square kilometers, governs 4 cities, 9 towns and 6 counties, the total population is more than 10,199,000 at the end of 2001. It is the capital of the Sichuan Province and the center of science, education, trade and banking. It is a famous cultural city which has the history of more than 2300 years. It has the attractive culture of Sichuang and the abundant interesting aspects. It is becoming the international opening capital.
The city belongs to the water district, the total amount of water resources of year is 30,472,000,000 sign square meters. The inshore river net is dense, the water of the Minjiang River is in the southwest department, the water of the Tuojiang River is in the northeast department, the water which pass the city are 18,417,000,000 every year. There are more than 40 rivers, the area of water is more than 700 square kilometers. The water conservancy and electric power resources is abundant, the amount of water which is used for the farmland irrigation in the whole city is near 3,600,000,000 sign the square meters, the valid irrigation area is 53,330,000 hectares. Fluid matter is main the heavy calcium carbonates type, is very good and has the nature decontamination ability. If it is mined in that year, it is then made up deficiency natural in the same year. The soil is rich, the type is diverse, the biomass is abundant in the whole city. The gray soil and the beige soil are 20% in the soil of the whole city. The gray soil and the beige tide soil mineral quality within purple soils overlay the whole plain inside the magistracy basically, and the nutrient is abundant, hot and water is coordination, the fatty dint is higher. The plant area of paddy rice, wheat, rape seed, vegetable, fruit...etc. is great, the yield is higher. The domestic fowl, feedlot feed widespread, the species are also more whole, among them particularly pigs and bees are famous in our country. The kinds of medicine are many, the economy value is high, the herb medicine which have already been found out is 860 kinds, the wild and home medicine are 672 kinds, among them Chuangong, Chuangyujin, Wumei etc. are famous because their quality are excellent. There are Tianma, Beimu, Chuangong, Zaochao, Duzhong and the rare animals in the world such as big pandas, small pandas, and golden monkeys in Dayi Country, Congzhou City and Doujiangyan City. The forest resources are very abundant in Dayi, Pujiang Country, Denglai City, Doujiangyan City, Pengzhou etc. Cunninghamia sinensis, birch trees, pine trees, oil tung trees and oil tea trees are more. More than 60 varieties of mineral resources have been already explored. There are main coal, iron mine stone, serpentine, long grass nitric, limestone, dolomite...etc. There are some iron and coal resources in Dayi Country, Chongzhou City, Pengzhou City, Doujiangyan City ...etc. The natural gas explore clearly keeps to measure 1,677,000,000 sign the square meters, the prospect keeps to measure 4,221,000,000 sign the square meters. There is the mineral area which keeps the most grass nitric, which have already been explored clearly to keep measuring 9,862,000,000 tons, which keep measuring 60% in the whole country, the prospect keeps the quantity to amount to about 20,000,000,000 tons. There are the marble resources in Doujiangyan City. The limestone resources are also more abundant in Pengzhou City, Doujiangyan City. It has already been explored clearly to keep measuring to 287,000,000 tons.
It is a city that is filled with the source of vitality and vitality to become. It is an increasingly allied city, long history culture, superior natural condition, good ecosystem environment, sturdy science and technology real strengths, vast market foreground, gradually perfect investment environment and abundant tour resources, ancient civilization and modern civilizations etc. They provide the good conditions for invest and traveled. Numerous friends with outside the world come for visiting, the investigation invests, science and technology communication every year. Let us invite in the new century, invite in the modern, civilized, opening Chengdu.

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