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Welcome to Chengdu!
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The Festival celebration of Chengdu

>>The light meeting in Chengdu  January 15th
The light meeting in Chengdu developed of a kind of traditional folk activity at the foundation of the custom of appreciating lights in the Rice Glue Ball Festival. Lu You who was a poem in South Song Dynasty had written a poem to descript the light meeting.
Since 1962 Chengdu had the light meeting of recover the Chinese New Year, the session is a month. In the light session, there are the performances of the civil song skill, stunt and miscellaneous play in the park, there are also several of local snacks, there still are the person's sugars, windmill seller's grass chases, and the visitors are all above million people each light meeting.

>>The flowers meeting in Chengdu every January
The flowers meeting in Chengdu firstly were held in Tang and Song Dynasty and it has already been the history of more than 1,000 years up to now. The address of the flowers meeting is the Green Sheep Temple which is outside the west door of Chengdu. It is said that the birthday of Li Laojun who was the first ancestor of Taoism religion was February 15th of Chinese calendar, since Tang Dynasty, the folks does the annual temple fair in this undertaking.
Because it is shining, the spring idea is pleasant, many flowers are in full bloom in the February, so it is said that February 15th of Chinese calendar is the birthday of many flowers. So the flowers meeting is held in every February.
Then, the state-run and collective flower nursery and large farmers of planting flowers nearby of Chengdu all will take each from grow industriously of valuable flower, house plant a flower, flower arrangement...etc. to the Green Sheep Temple, take the debt, put the stand to establish the point, carry on exhibition's sell.

>>The Dragon Boat Meeting in Xinjing  Dragon-Boat Festival
The matching Dragon Boat is one of the traditional customs of the south people of our country. Although Chengdu is in the north of Changjiang River, it is also the ground of the water country, the history of the matching Dragon Boat is also for a long time. Till 1960s, the matching Dragon Boat activity of Chengdu was held in the Wangjiang Park which is in the sect of Jinjiang River. The Meet of Dragon Boat has the traditional program of Dragon Boat matching unexpectedly, still increases the perform of Dragon Boat's shape, the colorful ship swim in night.

>>The peony meeting in Tianpeng  in front or back of Pure Bright Festival
It is in Pengzhou City which is in the north of Chengdu, was called Tianpeng in the past and is the base of growing peony flowers in Sichuan. It was called the four big bases of growing peony in China with Luoyang in Henna, Caozhou in Shandong and Hao Country in Anhui in the past. After Tang and Song Dynasty, the local people had the custom of taking a party and enjoying flowers when the peony flowers were in full bloom, and they took every March 3rd as the Kanhua Festival. In order to develop the tradition custom, Pengzhou City decided to hold the annual peony grand occasion in front or back the Tomb Sweeping Day in every year. In the peony session, show the valuable peony flower, visit the Danjing Mountain, still hold the cultural amusement activity, the local special products article exhibition with folk special features etc.

>>The taking out water festival of Dujiangyan  Tomb Sweeping Day
The hydraulic engineering of Dujiangyan is the life of the plain of Chengdu. So the day when people take out the water before farming in spring every year is taken as the hallow festival by local residents. The ceremony of taking out water was held on the Tomb Sweeping Day in every March of Chinese calendar in the past to prepare the agriculture bumper harvest of wish that year. Then the officials in the place managed to the rite of taking out water, the local crowds also organized self-movingly to the Erwang Temple to fiesta Li Bing and his son, held the fair of Erwang Temple, and then it is called the Tomb Sweeping Day meeting. In recently years, the government of Dujiangyan City changed the folks traditional the Tomb Sweeping Day meeting to be the stanza of Taking out water by the government sponsor. The water conservancy officials wearing old clothing and the baton troops perform the whole process of taking out water. There is civil exhibition of song and dance here. They are beautiful.

>>The meeting of matching singing in Wangchong Temple  in front and back of May 15th
The Pi County had been the capital of the ancient Shu once, it is said that the Wang Emperor return to the deep mountain after he wasn't a emperor, turning to be the gawk, the azalea of February of every year open fly back all the sky of the plain crows day and night, pressing the farmer to hurry up the spring farming, keeping call vomits the blood, dye red the azalea of the top of hill, the person of Shu think the soul of Wang Emperor came back, so the matching singing meeting in Juan city was held on May 15th of Chinese calendar every year, the assembly hall ground choose the Wangchong Temple, attending the match song meeting of singer are all local native farmers, with sing folk song is main, sing the folk song in Sichuan again is called" roar the folk song", mostly from plait from sing, have the heavy agrestic breathing.

>>The laurel blossom meeting in Xindu  in front and back of the Mid-Autumn Festival
When the laurel blossom of Xindu and the laurel lake float the joss-stick, when the lotus flower of the again exactly full lake bloom, the at such a beautiful day lovely view, the visitor like knit. Hence, the government of Xindu County decides to hold the laurel blossom meeting in front and back of the Mid-Autumn Festival in every year. In the laurel blossom session, in addition to inviting the people to swim the park to appreciate the laurel and look forward to rise the phrase of temple, the visit cultural object calligraphy and painting exhibition wait the cultural activity, city inside still hold the supplies exchanges meeting at the same time, the exhibition sells an a light repast of place, hold full of squarely the song and dance, drama of special features perform.

>>The peach blossom meeting of Longquan  every February
Annually February of Chinese calendar is the best season to go out for the residents of Chengdu. The peach blossoms are in full bloom in Longquan Mountain in that time, the foot of a hill snow the pear flower of the slice, such as white snow, spreads the earth. Plus other various season flowers, dress the spring idea to the whole Longquan Mountain full of life, is purple and flaming red. Riotous blossom, if the visitor who knit, make the peach blossom grand occasion emerge with the tide of the times.

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