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Welcome to Chengdu!
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The Chengdu economy

In the initial stage of found the nation, there were main handicraft industry and servicing businesses, the primary industry is weak. It was listed as the national point construction city in the period of Yiwu. 156 points industry item were arranged in Chengdu at that time. The most were electronics industries and precise machine industries, so Chengdu established the foundation of all modern science and technology industry.
The reform has opened for more than 20 years; the economic construction, the social business and the life level of people in Chengdu take place the huge variety. Especially in the period of the Jiuwu, the reform opening and the modern construction in Chengdu City obtain the important breakthrough. In 1998, the GDP of whole city attained 110,300,000,000 Yuan, which was 9.01 times of the GDP in 1978 and was 30.81% of the whole province; The increment value of the first, second and third industry were 12,380,000,000 Yuan, 49,840,000,000 Yuan, 48,080,000,000 Yuan respectively; The total agriculture production value was 19,191,000,000 Yuan, which was 2.83 times of it in 1978 and is 23.43% of the whole province; The total state-owned industry production value was 48,629,000,000 Yuan, the total village business enterprise production value was 84,570,000,000 Yuan; The total of food yield was 4,038,600 tons, which was 1.42 times of it in 1978 and was 11.14% of the whole province; The retailing total amount of the social consumer goods was 45,119,000,000 Yuan, which was 33.44 times of it in 1978 and was 32.16% of the whole province; The total amount of the whole social fixed assesses investment was 37,160,000,000 Yuan, which was 124.7 times of it in 1978 and was 27.93% of the whole province; The public finance income was 5,153,000,000 Yuan, which was 26.30% of the whole province; The city country residents' savings deposit was 56,562,000,000 Yuan. In 2001, the GDP of whole city attained 149,100,000,000 Yuan, which increased 13.1% than it in 2000 and carried out in advance to compare with" turn over three times" the GDP in 1980, and the life of people reached the target of the middle-class family. The increment of the first, second and third industry adjusted to be 8.9:45.3:45.8 at the end of 2001 from 14.6:43.4:42 at the end of 1995, the industrial structure inclines to the reasonable. The system of the socialism market economy firstly was established, the market in resources install obvious to build up of the foundation function. The result of the infrastructure constructs were obvious, the ˇ°bottleneck" check and supervision of the energy, transportation, correspondence alleviates obviously, the city comprehensive service function strengthen. All-directions opening basic formation of structure and form outward, the opening economic developed quickly. The Chengdu City is taken as the bigger center city in the western region of China and the center of science, business and banking and the vital points of transportation by nation program, which has the position advantages of niche, economic, science and technology and market in the western region.
The degree of opening outward of Chengdu raise continuously, the environment of investing is good; the hard environment of investing goes into the columns of the 40 excellent Chinese cities. There are 3 development areas of the national class and 5 the province-class development areas, which have already become the scale. In 2001, it made use of the foreign capital which was 310,000,000 dollars physically, carried out the total amount of import and export to be 1,889,999,999 dollars. The big programs and business enterprises which are invested by foreign businessmen increased. The number of 500 strong business enterprises in world such as Corning of America, Toyota of Japan, Lafarge of France etc. which come to investing and establish the represent place amount to more than 60. Chengdu became successively friend cities with 10 foreign cities such as the Phenix City of America, Jiafu City of Japan, Wennibo City of Canada etc. and established the friendly cooperative relation with 16 big or medium-sized cities of China.

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