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Welcome to Chengdu!
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The amusement in Chengdu

Chengdu is the axis of the southwest area and is very prosperous. The amusement establishments which are popular in the seaside cities such as Sangna, massages, bowling etc. here are very many and are no less than anyplace. However, if you want to feel the life of Chengdu¡¯s people, you had better stay in the tea-buildings and enjoy the items with the special features of Sichuan such as the drama of Sichuan, stunt, the race song and dance...etc.
You can see the incomparable skill of Change faces which is the most famous in the drama of Sichuan in the Theater of Sichuan; the address is No.20 of Zhuangyuan Street. Moreover, you can see it in the Shunxing Old tea-building of the meeting exhibition center, the Shufeng Square in People Park and the Sufengyayun Garden in the Cultural Park.
The taprooms in Chengdu often are in the busy streets. The People South Road and the Yangshi Street west¡¯s follow the line are the most outstanding, among them the more famous are: Xinlei Club, Focus Club, Fengxing Club, Kakadu Club, Xinyue Club, Tired Bird Dance Bar, Night Cat Dance Bar, Lingdian Taproom, Glass House Taproom etc. There are taprooms streets to meet the vogue needs of young people in the People South Road and Yulin region. There also are many amusement places such as coffee shops, dance halls, the bowling buildings etc. such as Meigaomei Disco in Lihua Street of Chengdu, the Red Age in the People South Road etc. There are also some discos near the University of Sichuan.

Some introductions of teahouses and coffee shop:
The Tongjin Teahouse: In the second floor of the building which is No.49 in Tongmian Bridge Road
The Juxianfang Tea Shop: No.19 in Xian North Road
The Chaotangxue Tea Shop: No.2 in Binjiang Middle Road
The Nantianyue Big Wine Building Tea Shop: No.248 in Wuhouci Street
The Yuanyuanyuanpaomohong Tea Shop: No.8 in Chunxi North Road
The Dishi Teahouse: No.86-96 in Xinhong Road
The Old Chengdu Big Teahouse: No.89 in the third sect of Yihuan Road
The Qiwan Teahouse: In the second floor of the building which is No.11 in Daye Road.
The Heming Teahouse: in the People Park
The Baiye: Book and showbiz, usually project the art film, still have the small theater drama to perform

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